Best LinkedIn Video Downloader Tools in 2023
July 12, 2023

Best LinkedIn Video Downloader Tools in 2023

Nowadays, LinkedIn has become the most popular platform for users to find jobs like Upwork, Fiverr, and other marketplaces. It is the most familiar website among the 30 most famous websites on the globe.

Often, you will get more videos that you want to download and save to view later.

A huge number of users are looking for a job that can be very helpful for anyone.

LinkedIn video downloader is a platform where users can share their videos or stores. It is also suitable for searching for jobs. But when you want to download videos or stores, you have to use a third-party website; otherwise, it will be difficult to download your videos.

In this post, I will provide some of the best LinkedIn video downloader tools that have user-friendly interfaces and can simply download your videos or files.

10 Top LinkedIn Video Downloader Tools

1. Download LinkedIn Video

Download Linkedin Video
Download Linkedin Video

It is an excellent and modern LinkedIn video downloader app. Using this tool, you can download your LinkedIn videos directly to your device, like your phone, or desktop. To download your LinkedIn videos by using this app, you have to have a browser and an internet connection that’s enough to download your files. No extra application or software is needed to download your videos. There are no limits to downloading LinkedIn videos from this website.

Key Features

  • It is a free website where you can download LinkedIn videos.
  • This app has a user-friendly interface
  • Without software or an application, you can download unlimited videos from this app.

2. Keep Flick

Keep Flick
Keep Flick

Keep Flick is a social network or software for downloading videos. This app does not need any software or applications to install.

It is a free tool that allows you to download high-quality LinkedIn videos. Without any extra ads or payment, users can download their favorite LinkedIn videos by using this website. It is very neat and attractive and allows fast internet speeds for its users to download videos. This website is compatible with all types of devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android phones.

Key Features

  • It is a fast website that is ideal for iOS, iPhone, and
  • Download and save your videos
  • Although it is free, it works like a premium
  • There is no need to install any software or applications.

3. Hitutorials


Hitutorial is an online video downloader platform where users can download their favorite videos directly with fast internet speeds.

This is a high-quality downloader app that offers users the ability to download multiple videos in various formats.

If you want to view your favorites offline, then Hitutorial would be the best option for you. It may be used on iOS and the iPhone. With this website, you can convert your videos in any format, and you can also save the videos at a specific location on your device.

Key Features

  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • This site performing very well
  • Suitable for all devices
  • Download unlimited videos from this app

4. Expertstool


Expertstool is a platform that offers its users the ability to download their LinkedIn videos for free. If you want to download a video, you need a perfect video URL and an internet connection to download and save your videos for later viewing.

This software does require an extra plugin or application to be downloaded. This website is appropriate for iOS, Mac, tablets, and other smart devices. Expertstool allows you to download MP4, SD, and HD videos with a simple process.


  • You can convert your video
  • It is a free version of the website
  • Users can directly download their videos from this website.
  • There is no need for additional plugins or applications.

5. Keepoffline


Most people download their favorite videos and watch them later at any place or any time without an internet connection. For downloading videos or music, they need a website to download their videos. They should use the Keepoffline video downloader website, which enables them to download multiple formats of videos. Using this software, users can download MP3, MP4, and AVI videos without ads.

The users can also convert videos to any format, and they can also save their SD files to create specific locations.


  • Download unlimited videos
  • Convert your videos
  • It works like a paid website
  • Without any cost, users can download multiple formats of videos.

6. Savevideo


SaveVideo is another online tool for downloading your LinkedIn videos. By using this website, you can back up your downloaded videos. This app lets you download multiple video formats.

Without any hassles, you can download your videos; you just need a perfect video URL and a good internet connection. After completing your videos, you can save them on your device in a specific location.

This website has a quality algorithm option that will help its users search for high-quality videos and allow them to download them in a very simple process.

Key Features

  • Download multiple formats of videos
  • It has a huge feature
  • Back up your downloaded videos

7. LinkedIn video Downloader

Linkedin Video Downloader
LinkedIn Video Downloader

LinkedIn video downloader is a Google Chrome extension that offers to download your videos, just click your video link. Then it will start to download automatically.

This downloader website has become famous around the world. Because it has some unique features and provides high-quality service.

When you activate these tools on your browser, you will get a download button option. Any time you want to download your videos, just click the download button, and you can watch the video offline at any time.

Key Features

  • With a single click, download your videos
  • Simple download
  • Convert your downloaded files
  • It is suitable for any device

8. Expertphp


Expertsphp is a popular website for downloading multiple formats of videos. It is the most familiar among the other sites.

This tool is perfect for all devices, like laptops, iOS, iPhones, Macs, and tablets. Without any extra software, plugins, or applications, you can download your interesting videos from this website.

You have to copy a valid URL and paste it into the software or website so that you can start downloading and watching offline.

Key Features

  • It is a free website
  • There is no need for extra software or applications.
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • This app is ideal for other websites too

9.YMP4 LinkedIn Video Downloader

YMP4 Linkedin Video Downloader
YMP4 LinkedIn Video Downloader

It is a free LinkedIn video downloader website. This online tool is very easy to use. You can download your videos without any third-party software or applications.

To download your videos, you have to follow some steps, including Copy the video link that you want to download and paste it into the YMP4 website, selecting the video formats, and clicking the download button.

This app can be used on any kind of modern device, like an Android phone, a Windows, laptop, or an iPhone.

Key Features

  • Convert the download videos
  • Though it is a free tool but works very well
  • No need for third-party software

10. YT Saver

YT Saver
YT Saver

YT saver is another option for downloading LinkedIn videos. It has a free version option to download videos, music, and other files. This app also provides its user with ideas about the application to download.

This free version allows you to download mp3 version videos and 1 playlist per day. But in the paid version, you will get to allow download unlimited videos with high-quality videos per day.

It offers to download multiple social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest with any format.

It has an application browser that will help its users to search their interesting videos.

Key Features

  • Download multiple videos
  • It is suitable for all device
  • Download and save the video
  • Convert your videos files into any formats

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a LinkedIn video downloader?

LinkedIn video downloader is an online tool that enables you to download videos and other files. It is also suitable for sharing videos, files, and other documents.

Q: Can I download a video from LinkedIn?

Yes, You can download your video from LinkedIn directly in high-quality formats in a simple process.

Q: Do I save LinkedIn videos on my device?

Sure! Before downloading your videos, you can select a specific location on your device where you can save your downloaded LinkedIn videos.

Q: How many videos Can I download from LinkedIn?

There is no limit to downloading videos per day in the paid version. But the free version allows you to download mp3 formats and 1 playlist per day.

Q: Can we share LinkedIn videos with each other?

You are able to share your LinkedIn videos or files with each other using the share box at the top bar of your LinkedIn profile. Click the photo or video icon in the search box of your LinkedIn profile homepage.

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